Heating with RIG Radiators

Heating with RIG Radiators

RIG Radiators heating panels offer high quality heating with low consumption without drying the air.

They heat the room evenly by combining thermal emission (infrared) and natural movement of the air.

As a result the room is heated quickly, healthy with economical consumption.

RIG Radiators can satisfactory fulfill your needs for heating even in the most difficult conditions or in areas with cold winters.

Heating Autonomy

RIG radiator is an autonomous high quality panel heater.

By using RIG radiators in the rooms we need to heat, we acquire a modern and quality autonomous heating system.

Each radiator operates independently.

We can tailor different temperatures between rooms or we can use them individually, depending on our daily heating needs.

  • Heating with RIG Radiators
  • 8 Years Warranty
    Because of high quality, RIG Radiators are offered with 8 Years Warranty.
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