Low Consumption

Low Consumption

RIG Radiators offer high heating efficiency, with low consumption.

This is due to the overall operation of the heating panel and the high heating performance with heat emission.

Operation of RIG Radiators:


Once the radiator is switched on, the room’s cold air enters from the bottom of the radiator and is heated by thermal elements.
The air after passing the phase of quadruplicate heating by thermal elements is naturally accelerated and then directed with speed to the linear orifice at the top of the radiator.


Due to the linear orifice, the air will be «trapped» inside the radiator in order to heat up quickly and uniformly the whole surface of radiator.

This allows the surface of the convector to almost immediately begin to heat up the space with natural thermal emission (infrared).


The hot air delivered by the linear orifice contributes for rapid heating of the room, while the radiated heat from the surface creates direct heating on people and creates accumulation of heating in the masses of the room (walls, furniture, etc.), thus delaying the loss of the thermal accumulation, allowing the room to be kept warm longer.


This RIG radiator function, offers quick, strong, healthy and high quality heat, without drying the air of the room.


Furthermore it does not require high power heating elements, leading to low consumption and energy saving.


RIG radiator produces heat in a perfectly natural way and its operation is silent.

  • 8 Years Warranty
    Because of high quality, RIG Radiators are offered with 8 Years Warranty.
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